Power Up - AC/DC

Sony Music

To promote the new album “Power Up” by AC/DC, we created animations giving information about the launch and showing the merchandising.

Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads

IGTV Opening


For Altafonte we prepared 3 different opening animations. Each of it was a special section they were using with different artists: Yo lo vi primero, Preguntas en 1min and Salseo.

Opening Instagram TV

Mood - Anaju

Sony Music

Vinyl animation for Anaju. She was launching a limited edition with some surprises, so we created this smooth animation with all the content included.

Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads

Romance - Camila Cabello

Sony Music

For Camila Cabello, we prepared a street campaign using video and digital pictures for the OPPI and prints for the Subway in Madrid and Barcelona.

OPPI & Prints

Camila Cabello Poster

EP Bien - C.Tangana

Sony Music

This video was designed to promote the new C. Tangana’s EP, Bien. We included the different videoclips and artworks of the single songs creating a vertical and horizontal teaser.

Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads

Lo Que Me Dé la Gana - Dani Martín

Sony Music

Throughout the release of the last singles of Dani Martin we have prepared different animations using elements which were adapted to the identity of each song.

Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram Stories, Spotify HPTO, Banners

Cover Animation

For each single we launched a campaign animating the covers with the different elements of them.


We created banners to be used in different formats as well as cover images for the artist profile on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Aquellos años locos - El Canto del Loco

Sony Music

For El Canto del Loco we created short animated videos for Television and Social Networks to promote their new album compilation in a dynamic and appealling way.

Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads & TV Spot

Fuego - Estopa

Sony Music

We have been working on all the campaigns for the new album of Estopa. Creating animated content for the single, video clips and album for several channels: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and even created a game as a marketing action.

Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram Stories, Spotify HPTO, Spotify Canvas, Banners

Cover Animation

We created different animations using the cover of the single and the video clip to promote it on Facebook and Instagram.

Interactive HPTO for Spotify

Spotify allows static and interactive formats on their homepage. For Estopa we created this animation where the screen seemed to be burning ending in a call-to-action to listen to the single.


We created banners to be used in different formats as well as cover images for the artist profile on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Festival Internacional de Benicàssim

We have been working with the last editions (2018 & 2019) of the International Festival of Benicàssim creating the animated content for marketing.

Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram Stories, GIFs

Special Days

For special days like Christmas and Valentine's Day, we created special animations for Instagram and Facebook.

YouTube promos

We created different animations using videos to promote the lineup of the festival.


In order to create more engagement with the community, we created riddles about the lineup of the festival.

Generic Animations

Also, we created little explainer animations about practical information.

Animation for artists

Using videos provided by the artists we created different animations to be used in the artists' social channels. This example was for Fatboy Slim.

Filtr playlists

Sony Music

For Sony Music, we created animations to promote the different Filtr playlists on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram Stories, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads

Playlist - El Nuevo Pop

We created special promotions to be used on Youtube taking advantage of the interactive layers and the end of the video.

Spotify scroll

For the fans was very successful to create animations integrating videoclips with the Spotify interface to promote on Instagram.

Playlist - Latino Caliente

Filtr is the world’s leading third party playlist service with over 26 million playlist followers globally created by Sony Music Entertainment.

Sabina 70 - Joaquín Sabina

Sony Music

For this project we created different animations to be used to promote the compilation of CDs and merchandising of the famous singer Joaquín Sabina. This was shown on different channels including TV.

Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, TV Spot

Abrázame - La Oreja de Van Gogh

Sony Music

For this animation of the new single from La Oreja de Van Gogh we had to recreate the rain and the lightning of the storm.

Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads

El Viaje de Coperpot - La Oreja de Van Gogh

Sony Music

This animation was created to announce the 20th anniversary of an historical album of LOVG. We used the colors, the typography and the aesthetic from the original cover.

Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads

Civilizado como los animales - Macaco

Sony Music

For Macaco we created promotional content for several video clips as well as animated covers.

Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram Stories


A great way to enhance promotional content is to show milestones, animating the audience to consume the product.

Cover Animation

We love bringing covers to life, a beautiful and eye-catching way to create promotional content.

Papi Juancho- Maluma

Sony Music

We realized these videos to promote Maluma’s new songs and EP, by focusing on the typography.

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads

Typography Animation

We used typography animation to give information about the piece and entertaining the viewer, using the aesthetic identity of the song.

Aves de Paso - Melendi

Sony Music

We made the cover and animation of the single “Aves de Paso” representing the flight of the birds from different feathers.

YouTube Video, Single Cover

Single Cover Design

The cover was used for the single on digital platforms: Spotify, Apple Music..

El Mal Querer - Rosalía

Sony Music

The award-winner Rosalía counted with us to prepare different animations to promote her videoclips and show the main milestones achieved. We have been working with different campaigns for her.

Instagram Stories, Facebook Ads, Spotify HPTO


In addition, we prepared animations to communicate the nominations of different awards like LatinGrammy using different formats including square, stories, and panoramic videos.

30 y tanto - Sergio Dalma

Sony Music

Static and animated promotional content was created for Sergio Dalmato to be used on different social networks.

Facebook cover photo and square animation, Twitter header, Instagram story, Spotify cover photo, YouTube banner


We created several banners with a 3-phase promotion approach: Single release, Album Coming Soon and Album Now Available.

Facebook Promos

During all the campaign we prepared animations to be used on Facebook.

Instagram Stories

We also created different vertical videos to promote the new single, the available bundles, etc.

MSDL - Vetusta Morla

Sony Music

This was a very cool project where we started from a pen drawing, then we had to bring it to life by cutting out the elements and creating animations.

Instagram Stories, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads

Packaging Animation

For this animation, we recreate the packaging in 3D in order to give it movement by pretending it was a real stop-motion photo shoot.

La Casa del Rayo - Xoel López

Sony Music

Campaign for the announcement of the contest “La Casa del Rayo”, by Xoel López. We created the animation, the invitations for the mailing list and a billboard for FNAC stores.

Instagram Ads, Newsletter, Billboard


Invitations for the mailing list.

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